Non-Academic Writing

Food Belt

  1. Peppermint Not Included: A Dispatch from Roselis (audio version)


  1. A Studebaker Christmas
  2. Clover and Crimson
  3. Here and There at the 4H Fair
  4. The Aquarium
  5. Streetcars in South Bend?

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

  1. A Sleepless Year in a Sleepy Town (Dalton Camp Prize Winner)
  2. Bring Back the Draft!

The Voice of Pelham (Selections)

Major Reporting

  1. Pelham Seniors Apartments tenants allege mistreatment
  2. Pelham Non-Profit Housing cancels Annual General Meeting
  3. 23 Years and Counting: The Story Behind the Fenwick Billboard
  4. TIMELINE: The Pelham Community Centre project—how we got to where we are today
  5. Stars on Houses: What’s up with that?

Personal Essays

  1. Father and Son to a Tee
  2. Adieu to an Arena
  3. Days Without End
  4. Open Water
  5. Un Canadien Abroad
  6. Laurette and Me (and Bob Dylan)
  7. Finding Sixto “Sugarman” Rodriguez
  8. Pilgrim at Pelham Centre
  9. City Eyes
  10. In Autumn, the Day Rules
  11. Empathy v. Scorn
  12. Polite Meets Persistent
  13. The Road Warrior


  1. A Day in the Life: Henry Bieda, his lake, and his very large dog
  2. Combining with Marv: A Junkin in his natural habitat
  3. Bob O’Hara Hates the Cold
  4. An O’Hara Open House
  5. Dorothy Rungeling: Her Life
  6. A Ford on the Road: Doug Ford draws crowds. What does he do with them?
  7. The Taking of Pelham Transit
  8. Treasure Trove on Twenty
  9. Drawn in Quarters: Spencer Burton puts things together


  1. My Oldest Friend: Remembering Dot Rungeling
  2. Miss Sharon Keller
  3. Babe